Monday 17 May 2021
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Helen McCrory obituary

One of the leading stage actors of her generation who found wider fame in the Harry Potter films and TV’s Peaky BlindersHelen McCrory, who has died of cancer aged 52, was already established among the leading stage actors of her generation when she became known as Cherie Blair in Stephen Frears’s movie The Queen (2006), starring Helen Mirren, and with Michael Sheen as T and as the witch Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Draco, in the last three Harry Potter films.Her brisk and slinky Cherie Blair was one in a line of suited authority figures and lawyers played by McCrory, culminating in an acidulous, brutally frank but deluded Tory prime minister in David Hare’s television drama Roadkill (2020), refusing to give a “big job” to Hugh Laurie’s shameless MP. In comparison, Narcissa was a “turn,” a Gothic hoot, for all her verve and suffocating evil. Continue reading...

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