Wednesday 12 May 2021
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.theguardian - 26 days ago

Mike Lindell’s new free speech network won’t let you use the Lord’s name in vain

The MyPillow CEO with a fierce allegiance to Trump thinks it will put Twitter and Youtube out of businesss – but will ban swearing and blasphemy Mike Lindell, the man best known for his internet pillow company My Pillow, as well as for his fierce allegiance to Donald Trump, is set to launch a new free speech platform this week that he thinks will put YouTube and Twitter out of business. But it turns out it will limit what users can say – by stopping them from, among other things, taking the Lord’s name in vain.“Everyone is going to be able to talk freely,” said Mike Lindell about the platform, called Frank, which is set to roll out on 19 April, in an interview with the conservative host Graham Ledger on the Ledger Report podcast. “When you come over now you are going to be able to speak out and have opinions.” Continue reading...

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