Wednesday 12 May 2021
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.theguardian - 26 days ago

Can any fool read the news? Tim Dowling finds out

The Autocue is loaded up to see if Jeremy Paxman was right to dismiss the art of TV newsreadingThe words keep rising, white against a dark blue background, and I keep saying them, occasionally mispronouncing them. All the while I am conscious of the fact that somewhere behind the words there is a camera. Very soon I lose all sense of what I’m saying. I’m just reading on for dear life.In March, Jeremy Paxman dismissed the art of newsreading as “an occupation for an articulated suit”, claiming that “any fool” could read an Autocue. Last week, the BBC presenter Reeta Chakrabarti took him to task. “I’ve written a lot of what I’m reading out,” she told the Radio Times. “Those aren’t someone else’s words.” Continue reading...

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