Friday 10 July 2020
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.theguardian - 1 month ago

The best new online beauty brands | Sali Hughes

Try stylish vegan skincare from Typology and quality customised makeup from Il Makiage
It seems extraordinarily optimistic to announce major new brand launches in such uncertain times for business, especially when household names are collapsing (RIP Warehouse, beloved purveyors of lovely, affordable dresses with sleeves). But both Typology (skincare) and Il Makiage (makeup) are ideally conceived for the moment.Typology is the brainchild of Ning Li, founder of Having disrupted the furniture market, Ning is set on transforming how we buy skincare. Every Typology product is vegan, ethically sourced and manufactured, comes direct to the consumer at under £15 and is packaged in flat, rectangular bottles that post through the letterbox, to save on delivery (a lot like those new online florists). Lined up, they look exquisitely stylish on the bathroom shelf. Continue reading...

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