Friday 3 April 2020
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Universal basic income is the only way to help the self-employed | Owen Jones

The government’s plans will fall short of what’s needed – payments for everyone, without preconditions
“I’m tearful every day and not sleeping,” Mish Kimani, a seamstress in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, tells me. “My future feels very bleak.” Her sewing shop has been trading for more than a year but, two weeks ago, the customers vanished. Her business outgoings are £800 a her incomings are now zero, and she has no savings. A diabetic, she fears not only contracting coronavirus, but dying from it. “I’m feeling very much abandoned by the government,” she says.The welfare state always had sizeable cracks which were only widened by a decade of austerity. In the age of the coronavirus, they are now yawning chasms, and there is a long way for people like Kimani to fall. Millions of British workers earn their keep through the gig economy or self-empl for some, it’s because they value a sense of f for others, it’s because it suits companies to be able to opt out of paying workers a guaranteed minimum wage or offering rights like occupational sick pay or holiday pay. Continue reading...

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