Saturday 7 December 2019
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.theguardian - 19 days ago

Why vote? You’re just clinging to a wrecked system | Suzanne Moore

The looming general election offers fake binary choices – Corbyn or Johnson, leave or remain. Taking part is to bolster brokennessI am sitting, with old friends, around a table. We start talking about the election. No one is enthused. My friends are mostly going to vote Labour. It’s what they do. They are unhappy about it – a couple may go Lib Dem. They are all ardent remainers. I feel as if I should be somewhere else, that somehow, while these are decent people trying to do the right thing, they are no longer my people. They are being forced to vote for politicians they do not trust, and to reduce their complex, well-thought-out beliefs. Well, that’s democracy, you might say. Them’s the breaks. I say, break it more. Break it down.Voting can no longer be a tribal, class-based enterprise. I once bribed my working-class mother not to vote Tory. That’s class war for you. But before you start the lecture about people having died for my right to vote ... you should know that that has the same effect on me as arguing I should eat food I hate because children are starving in Africa. Stop. I live in a safe Labour seat. How I vote doesn’t matter in this first-past-the-post system. Continue reading...

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