Tuesday 19 November 2019
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.theguardian - 10 days ago

Why did Amazon spend $1.5m in Seattle s local elections? | Hamilton Nolan

Campaign donations are a great investment. Stocks might only earn you 10%, but controlling the government can multiply your investment unimaginablyIn just systems of representative politics, the representatives represent people. All the people. Not just the people with the right bloodlines, as in an arist not just the people of a certain religion, as in a the and not artificial lines drawn on a map with no regard for the number of people therein, as in the US Senate. History is littered with bad political systems. They are not hard to identify. They all, in some way, apportion political power to a small group that does not fairly represent the interests of all the people. We are supposed to be moving past these narrow, unfair systems. That’s the whole point of political progress. But America is having a very hard time weaning itself off of the sweet, sweet teat of plutocracy. Related: Elizabeth Warren helps out confused billionaires with new tax calculator Continue reading...

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