Tuesday 19 November 2019
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.theguardian - 17 days ago

So Trump is legally moving to Florida? Good riddance | Hamilton Nolan

‘Rich New Yorker moves to South Florida for tax purposes’ is a story as old as timeHere in New York City, the overwhelming initial reaction to the news that Donald Trump was legally moving to Florida was: good. one less asshole in Midtown. That momentary burst of glee, though, was followed by the dispiriting realization that he’s still going to be in the same country. And against all odds, he’s found a way to contribute even less to the collective good than before.“Rich New Yorker moves to South Florida for tax purposes” is a story as old as time – almost as old as “Rich New Yorker, stricken with sun poisoning and malaria, limps back to Manhattan, vowing never to leave again.” But in most cases, the rich New Yorker in question is not the president of the United States. If you stop and ponder it for a minute, it is really something remarkable for the President of the United States to be practicing tax avoidance boldly, in full view of the voting public. The person most responsible for spending our collective tax payments is, himself, so committed to contributing less of his own money to the public till that he is willing to forgo many relaxing weeks in a Midtown penthouse that looks like what might happen if King Midas stumbled drunkenly into a Pottery Barn. Continue reading...

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