Tuesday 18 December 2018
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stuff - 11 days ago

Sellers didn t tell us our new house floods when it rains

We purchased our house in mid-May after having completed the appropriate due diligence, i.e. building inspector s report, examining council documents, asking questions of the vendor (but not any about ongoing water issues), etc. Shortly after moving in the garage flooded heavily and continues to do so every time it rains. We are looking at taking the previous owners to the Disputes Tribunal to pay for the work we have engaged a professional drain-laying and repair company to undertake to correct the problem for good. We believe the previous owners knew about this problem (how could you miss a swimming pool in your garage), and professional advice would seem to back this up, but failed to disclose it to their agents selling the house as the agents made no such mention of the problem. We would probably have still bought the house but offered a much lower sum to allow for repairs. Is the Disputes Tribunal the best option? The maximum limit of the tribunal does not match what I m having to pay but a ruling in my favour would help offset the repair bill.

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