Tuesday 18 December 2018
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.theguardian - 11 days ago

Now we know there’s racial bias. The challenge is how to address it | Hugh Muir

Prejudice pollutes our society. To defeat it, we all have to examine our daily interactionsImagine a life inside an open-topped glass box. You could see what was around you, what your friends and neighbours and colleagues were doing. You could probably hear what was happening. In many and varied ways, you would be connected to your surroundings and have expectations to match. But just reach out to touch something, to connect, to truly become part of the life you see, and the fact of the box asserts itself. You can’t. You are close to what’s outside – the glass may be quite thin – but what separates you, as opaque as it may be, determines your life. Related: This is a vital study of racial bias. Now will Britain take heed? | Afua Hirsch Continue reading...

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