Tuesday 11 December 2018
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We were left at the dock by our cruise ship

While we were on a cruise, we were given a flyer that said put your clocks back one hour tonight, which we did. But unfortunately, the flyer was meant for the following day. The result was that we missed the ship s departure the next day by about 30 minutes. Because the Chania, Crete, port of call was so short, (and a wet day), our group of three, my two nieces and myself, decided to simply catch the bus into the town and look around the shops. We then caught the bus back to the ship, allowing plenty of time before it sailed. We could not believe our eyes when we noticed a gap between the wharf and the ship. It was obvious that we were going to be left behind.  It was our worst nightmare.  To reunite ourselves with the ship involved flying to Zurich, Switzerland, then to Messina, Sicily, at a cost of US$620 each, taking 22 hours before catching up with the ship. NCL cruise lines closed our on-board accounts, and left us to our own devices. No communications with us at all despite having five mobile phones in our group, nor any compensation. What can we do?

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