Monday 10 December 2018
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Theresa May has made her move. Now MPs must take back control | Martin Kettle

In the weeks to come, we will see what a ‘meaningful vote’ is worth – and how much muscle parliament has in the Brexit dealNot just one, but two vital meetings for the future of Britain’s relationship with the European Union took place on Wednesday afternoon in Westminster. The first meeting, generating more noise than news throughout a long day, was of Theresa May’s cabinet. Its importance was self-evident. The second meeting, also hugely significant, went wholly unnoticed. In its own way, though, it was equally crucial.The first meeting first. It has long been obvious that, on Brexit, May uses the free-at-last language of the Tory right while tacking at the last moment towards a deal with the EU. She did this in 2017 on the first withdrawal agreement. She did it in the summer at Chequers. Now she has done it a third time, proposing a deal in which Britain will try to remain economically aligned with the EU while having no say over its rules. A bad deal, it is now confirmed, was always going to be better than no deal. It is difficult to be surprised. Continue reading...

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