Thursday 13 December 2018
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.theguardian - 30 days ago

Is it ever OK to steal from the breakfast buffet?

Fortune favours the bold in the ultimate standoff between a hotel and its guests. Bringing Ziploc bags may be a step too far, thoughEva Chen is not just Instagram’s director of fashion partne she is also a blazing food rebel. In a recent interview with New York magazine’s Grub Street, she admits drinking matcha tea so thick that it is “almost like a paste” and eating old fruit roll-ups covered in Post-it notes and lint.But it is her attitude to hotel breakfast buffets that has really made a splash. Not only does Chen set out strict instructions about what should and should not be eaten – “When people get a bowl of cereal like Cheerios, I’m like, don’t you have Cheerios at home? Why wouldn’t you get the freshly made crepe?” – she also brazenly outs herself as a pilferer. “I got some dried apple chips to go,” she writes, before adding: “Really advanced aficionados of the breakfast buffet will bring a Ziploc bag and smuggle food out.” Continue reading...

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