Tuesday 18 December 2018
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The Guardian view on a Tory Brexit: irreconcilable differences | Editorial

A divided party will be unable to guide this country out of the European Union. What then?Few prime ministers have taken the pummelling that Theresa May has endured, especially since she published her blueprint for Britain’s relationship with the EU in July. The Chequers plan, as it was known, was pronounced dead by the EU two months later in Salzburg. Mrs May was then sent back to rework her proposals, a humiliation in the eyes of her party that she has not lived down. Since then, the prime minister has been viewed with condescension, even contempt, by her own MPs. It has often appeared that Mrs May leads a party that has taken leave of its senses. This week, Mrs May produced a plan, acceptable to continental capitals, for the two-year transition period when Britain leaves the EU. This has finally tipped large sections of the Tory party over the edge.Two cabinet ministers have resigned as well as a raft of junior ones. MPs from the hardline European Research Group are busy tweeting pictures of letters demanding that Mrs May goes. Her difficulty is that few people seem to be impressed by her or her Brexit plan: not the left of her party (who consider her proposals to be an inferior position to the status quo) nor its right (who reject it for falling short of their fantasy). Over three hours at the dispatch box this morning, it became obvious that the deal Mrs May struck with the EU is dead. Her platform would be one that any challenger would run against. Mrs May finds no support from the opposition benches or from the Democratic Unionist party. Continue reading...

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