Tuesday 18 December 2018
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.theguardian - 1 month ago

Why are obese people depressed? Because they live in a hostile world

New research spells it out: the psychological impact of judgmental attitudes and a fat-shaming culture is profoundObesity and depression: a chicken-and-egg situation that baffles and beguiles medical health professionals in surgeries and academic journals equally. Which truly comes first in this ouroboros of NHS resource drains – the incapacity to feel fully and interact with the world around you, or getting the 12-pack box of doughnuts instead of just the three because screw-it-I-deserve-some-happiness-today-don’t-I?That depression is more common in those who are overweight is known in medical circles probably about as well as tired chicken-and-egg allusions are among regular folk who didn’t have the requisite level of smarts to take a Hippocratic oath. The first issue so often flows into the other, and back the other way around too, becoming all tangled up together in the everyday without us even noticing. Continue reading...

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